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Young girl and her buddy

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 7.13.58 AMvictoriaandcad




Here is an image I shot of Sami, a three year old French Bulldog from Norway. Very sweet. Have you ever heard the chatter that comes from a french bulldog? It is so sweet; they sound like they are ‘cooing’ with their little squeaks!

http://www.signaturepawspetportraiture.comfrenchbulldog9 copy



Kiro is a four month old Border Collie. She is being raised and trained to be the ‘official sheepherder’ for her owner in Norway. So far, she is a winner! This little girl is so well behaved, she blew my socks off during the photo shoot. She will have no problem herding the 200 sheep who are waiting for her leadership!

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