Monthly Archives: May 2013

Photographing Senior Dogs

Yesterday was a very interesting day. I had the pleasure of photographing three senior dogs; two dalmations and a mix breed. They are all brothers. All three have lovely dispositions but were very frail. The two dalmations, Whiskey and Chelsea have hip displasia so were unable to sit down and get up on their own. Their owner wanted to have them photographed as they are very old and she is worried their time is soon coming to an end. We decided to take the shot down at the beach. Their owner was so patient and loving and took the time to try to get them to sit side by side so I was able to take the images. I knew I had to work fast as I did not want them to experience any pain during the shoot so I took several shots from different angles. When we were finished, their owner helped them to sit back up and lifted them back in the car. It was a very moving and memorable experience. Here is one of the images.



Wind and little dogs

Yesterday my little dog and I were out for a walk and it was very windy. He hates the wind and I think secretly thinks he will be blown away like in the Wizard of  Oz! He dropped his centre of gravity and stayed low while his floppy ears stuck out like propellers. He looked very paranoid as he glanced left and right nervously; not knowing if he should move or remain still. It was hilarious! Finally, I gave up and brought him home. I wonder: does anyone else have dogs that react to wind like that?

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